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What Is The HSA? 

The Home & School Association (HSA) at St. Benedict Preparatory School is an organization of parents/guardians whose mission is to foster closer relationships between parents, school staff and the parish. Membership is free - there are no dues.  Let's work together to provide our children with a wonderful school community!  If you have any HSA related questions, comments or suggestions, please email

Click the link below to see a list of teacher's favorites and the room rep guidelines.

Upcoming Events

May is Teacher Appreciation Month!

May 15-19 - Teachers favorites week

May 17 - May Crowning and Teacher's Appreciation Luncheon

June 1 - Room Rep Thank You Celebration

June 2 - HSA Ice Cream Social

June 8 - HSA Field Day (Grades 1-5)

Middle School Teacher Favorites

Next week is Middle School Favorites and We Need Your Help!!!

May is teacher appreciation month at SBPS and a fun month thanking our teachers for their hard work! 

Next week, our kids have the chance to say thank you by showering our teachers with some of their favorite things! Please take a moment to select an item or two. 

Click here to sign up!

Thank you middle school parents for your contributions! 

Room Rep Monthly Newsletter

Teacher Appreciation Month

Ice Cream Social!

Garage Sale Drop Off Dates!

Our first Garage Sale Drop Off Dates will be the mornings of:

Sunday, June 4th

Wednesday, June 7th

Sunday, June 11th

Friday, June 16th

Saturday, June 17th

Stay tuned for more details about drop offs!

HSA Fall Fundraisers are a Success!

The HSA is excited to give you an update on our two September fundraisers.

The 9th Annual Baby & Kids Green Garage Sale generated just over $30,000!  These funds will be used to remodel the Preschool Gross Motor Room and to purchase technological enhancements for the Elementary School.  A giant thank you for all of the generous donations and all of the fantastic volunteers!  A special thank you to the garage sale committee, Jeanette Aylward, Ted Kreuser, Liz Roarty, and Jen Patras.

Our 2nd Annual Fun Run was a record shattering success!  Due to your generosity, and that of your family and friends, we raised over $110,000!!  These funds will be used for Teacher Bonuses, a new Classroom grant program, technological enhancements throughout the school, the new Preschool Playground fixture, the HSA operating budget and a contribution to the parish. Thank you to all of our sponsors  and volunteers!  A special thank you to the administrators and teachers for all of their hard work and support, and our Fun Run team, Fiona Urquhart, Dana Clarke, Angela Kerr, and Katie Milton.


Faculty and Staff Birthdays!


5/1 Jeanette Soto

5/6 Doug Rosskamm

5/10 Erico Ramirez

5/11 Kristi Enriquez

5/11 Maria Tubay

5/13 Rachel Waldron

5/17 Jeremy Newman

5/22 Emily McGuinn

5/28 Carol Dodovich


6/2 Amy Roberts

6/5 Margaret Pikulski

6/15 Rachel Nemes

6/18 Jenna Stamper

6/21 Heather Perez

6/29 Zoe Tarantino


7/2 Kelly Haggerty

7/5 Amy Carlino

7/5 Kathy Moore

7/10 Todd Van Dyke

7/12 Janelle Stolz

7/13 Rachel Gemo

7/19 Hannah Stapleton

7/23 Maryann Johnson

7/27 Liz Kraig

7/27 Aubrey Hoffman

7/29 Mira Noga

7/30 Sean McDermott


8/1 Cathy Kattner

8/2 Lauren Edelen

8/4 Daralis Oliver

8/9 Megan Peters

8/10 Gianna Marshall

8/13 Jackie Stancin

8/15 Betty Blazek

8/18 Ben Mazzone

8/20 Claire Fleming

8/24 Brittany Blue

8/24 Erin Kelley

8/28 Ivette Class


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