Alumni Association Membership/Officers & Committees


The mission of the St. Benedict Preparatory School Alumni Association (SBPSAA) is to build lifelong relationships, encourage stewardship, advance the mission of the school and to celebrateits tradition and history.


Membership includes anyone who has attended and/or graduated from St. Benedict Preparatory School, St. Benedict High School, St. Benedict Elementary School or St. Benedict Preschool, as well as faculty and staff.


Officers of the St. Benedict Preparatory School Alumni Association exhibit a willingness to work with SBPS staff, a willingness to contribute time, and the enthusiasm and ability to motivate and engage alumni. Officers will serve one-year terms. Terms will be staggered to ensure efficient succession.  Officers will assist if possible in events.


  • Serves as chairperson of meetings.
  • Assists in preparing yearly event & meetings. 
  • Assists in preparing meeting agendas.
  • Serves as the primary contact for the SBPSAA.
  • Serves as representative on the SBPS board.
  • Represents SBPSAA at other organization events.
  • Assists with preparation and mentoring of successor.


  • Assists president with duties and responsibilities.
  • Performs duties of the president in his/her absence.
  • Assists other officers to promote SBPSAA events.
  • Succeeds the president.


  • Records minutes of SBPSAA meetings.
  • Assists in preparation of meeting notices.
  • Assists in preparation of meeting agendas.
  • Assists with SBPSAA communications.


  • Assists in recording of all SBPSAA funds.
  • Assists in maintaining accurate records of funds & expenditures.
  • Assists with preparation of year-end financial reports.
  • Assists with board-authorized expenditures.
  • Assists in preparation of SBPSAA yearly budget.



Membership Committee

  • Assists staff with collection of member contact information.
  • Conducts annual recruitment of new members.
  • Encourages member involvement in SBPSAA events.
  • Assists staff in coordinating member contact through various media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Publicity Committee

  • Publicizes SBPSAA events.
  • Assists staff with SBPSAA newsletter content.
  • Assists staff in establishing an Outstanding Alumni recognition program.

Special Events Committee

  • Arranges social events for membership throughout the year.
  • Assists alumni classes with reunions.
  • Assists staff with annual fund raising events (phonathon, annual fund appeal, etc.)

Mentor/Networking Committee

  • Encourages networking among members.
  • Assists staff in establishing a new graduate mentoring program.
  • Encourages student recruitment among



The objective of the Alumni Relations Office is to serve as a link between St. Benedict Preparatory School and its alumni.  Its purpose is to support and promote the mission of St. Benedict Preparatory School, to encourage its students, parents and parish families to actively participate in the life of the school, and to be a resource for the alumni of St. Benedict Preparatory School.

Guiding principles:

  • To nurture and cherish the special bonds that connect the St. Benedict Alumni Community to each other and to St. Benedict Preparatory School.

  • To build upon the rich history of St. Benedict Preparatory School by celebrating both our past and our traditions, promoting our present accomplishments and building for our future endeavors.

  • To serve as a resource and provide an active place for alumni in the life of St. Benedict Preparatory School and to promote the continuing association of alumni with each other.

Meetings are currently held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00pm in the Mission Advancement Office. Please enter at the 3911 N. Bell door - 2nd Floor.  No meetings are held during the months of July and August.  

Sometimes meeting date and times are changed.  Please call 773-509-3836 if you plan to attend to ensure a meeting has not been cancelled or rescheduled.