Ms. Rachel Gemo's Notes

Head of Parish School (PK-12) 

In This Week's Notes For Your Reference

Important Dates Coming Up

  • Sunday, September 15 - Catechetical Sunday Masses at 9AM and 10:30AM - please choose one

  • Monday, Sept 16th - First SMART START Monday (Smart Goals)

  • Monday, Sept 16th - Roy Petefils Speaker for Middle School Students

  • Tuesday, September 17th - Fun Run Kick Off - Pep Rally’s

  • Wednesday, September 18th - Picture Day for Preschool in Upper School Library

  • Thursday, September 19th - Picture Day for Grades K-8 in the Upper School Library

  • Friday, September 20 at 5PM Class of 1954 Reunion Cocktails and Dinner in Heidenreich Hall

  • Saturday, September 21st - Baby and Kid’s Garage Sale (Set up begins on Wednesday prior in GYM)

  • Tuesday, September 24th - Severe Weather Drill in AM

  • Thursday, September 26 - FUN RUN DAY

  • Friday, September 27 - Java with Gemo (Topic Inclusion) in the Upper School Library in AM

  • Friday, September 27 - Kindergarten Parent Social

Tuesday Professional Development Schedule - Upcoming work

September 17th - RTI process review; ASPIRE and MAP Score Review and Goal Setting/ STEAM TEAM portfolio planning/ EC Wonderlab Intro

September 24th - CPR training (TBD)

October 1 - Progress Report Work Time

October 4 - Tech Integration and Universal Spaces Overviews (FULL DAY PD)

October 8 - 1st Trimester Conferences Prep

Spaces Off Line/Not Usable this Week

The gym will be closed on Tuesday (Pep Rally) and Thursday and Friday (Garage Sale) - I’m checking on Wednesday.

The Upper School Library will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday this week for Fall Photos.

Fall Photos on Wednesday and Thursday This Week -

We will have our student and staff Fall photos taken on Wednesday and Thursday this week in the Upper School Library.

Wednesday is just for Preschool (See RW for schedule)

Thursday is for preschool and grades K-8.

Students need to come in dress uniform. If the students is out of uniform, please don’t let him/her take a photo. They can do it on make it up later.

Staff should also have his/her photos taken, so please come photo ready!

Christa O’Keefe and/or volunteers will call you when we are ready for your homeroom. We typically begin with Kindergarten and make our way up to middle school. We try our best to get everyone in before recess. Please come down to the library when your room is summoned.

Faculty Life Potluck

Faculty Life is putting on a Tailgate Potluck and would love for you to participate! It will take place in the faculty lounge on Wednesday, October 2nd from 10:40-1:30 PM. Feel free to pick your favorite recipes/snacks and bring it in to share with your coworkers! Please mark the excel sheet of what you will be bringing along with your name. We do ask that if you plan to participate and eat at the Potluck that you have contributed something. Thanks!


Time to Select the September Employee of the Month

Use this nomination form to make your nomination by September 29th. Employee will be chosen on September 30th.


Please Review the Teacher Leadership and Committee Roles (FOR PAID POSITIONS)

Please review this chart (CLICK) to make sure I have all the teacher leadership and committee roles appropriately documented. I will be looking for a few more committee leaders (for the unpaid teacher committees) soon. If there is a question or an error/omission, please email Rachel Gemo. I hope to have anyone who recently stepped up in August to fill a role have their paycheck reflect this additional role on the next paycheck.

New Catholic School Leadership M.Ed. Degree to Form

The Greeley Center will offer a new M.Ed. in Catholic School Leadership that prepares candidates to be both instructional and faith leaders in their Catholic schools. The 12-course (36 credit hour) program offers flexible options for either an online or blended format. The new program is aligned with the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools.

Each summer, candidates will attend an intensive two-week course on campus. Over 90% of the courses are taught by experienced Catholic school leaders, giving the classes a perspective grounded in practicality and experience. A 1/3 mission scholarship from Loyola University Chicago will support the Catholic School Leadership program candidates. Additional scholarships may also be available.

For more information, contact Dr. Debbie Sullivan or apply here

This Year's priorities .jpg

This Year’s Priorities: School Improvement Strands & Shared Spaces

One of the things that we are focusing this year as we implement the 7C’s of a St. Benedict Education is learning how to utilize our new spaces. On our first Professional Development Day, we will take some time to introduce/review integrating technology (one to one environment, Office 365, Interactive projectors, etc.), but we will also introduce and explain how to use our newest spaces such as the Wonder Lab, Room 222 and the Green Room, The Global Learning Lab and more. Since a number of our spaces are shared spaces, we want staff to understand the opportunities these spaces afford our students.

We have also created ONE document for teachers to sign out/reserve these spaces. I’ll be making a button on the dashboard under quick links as well. The spaces on the tabs should be reserved using this document, please. Other spaces not listed on this document such as the Upper School Library or Beaven Hall should still be reserved through School Dude.

More to come, but here is the link. (CLICK HERE)

7C’s Portfolio To-Do’s This Week

Remember to start SMART start Monday, September 16th!

Each Monday, students will take time to remind themselves of their goal, reflect on their work towards their goal the previous week, and create a plan to help them work on their goal in the upcoming week. 

Students will: 

  • Rewrite their current goal on their tracker sheet or assignment notebook (at top of week page). 

  • Reflect in their journal (will be created with 3 prong folders and hole punched copies). 

  • As a note, student goals will also be recorded in an online document and posted in a grade appropriate place (ie locker, notebook, desk, etc). 

Teachers will: 

  • Give time and check to ensure students complete the above each Monday (morning work may be ideal). 

  • Help students to maintain their goal reflection journals. 

  • Provide feedback to students on their reflections at least 2-3 times a trimester (this feedback will also be recorded in online document, so all teachers of that student are on the same page). 

  • Work with students to create new goals, if needed. 

  • Provide different reflection questions/ approaches each week (either in PowerPoint and/or copies sheets. 

Here are some example of reflection prompts:

*What did I do well last week?  

*Did you do anything to help you reach your goal? What did you do? 

*In what area do you feel you improved?  

*What is one thing that you are proud of? 

*What could you do next to help you reach your goal? 

*Was there something you needed help with?  

*What area do you feel you improved in this week? 

*What are you still working on this week?  

*Why is this goal important to you? 

*What is something I want to accomplish this week?

Danielson Teacher Classroom Walk Throughs Continue This Week

Rachel Waldron, Mary Deletioglu and I will be starting walk throughs this week for Danielson. These are 5-10 minute visits. We’ll have an electronic report sent to you. When you get the notification, please log into Danielson and acknowledge the report. There is no pre or post observation with this.

Some Teacher Reminders

Post Your Learning Target Each Day - it should be visible for students and admin when in your room, You should refer to it with your students

Classroom Greeters Grades 1-8 - By next Monday, September 9, please try to have your classroom greeters up and going

What are we Learning Signs - please have them completed outside your classroom. Middle school teachers can have them on their doors if they lack wall space outside their room. Thanks for the teachers who have already started these.

Save the Date - Walgreens Comes to SBPS for FLU SHOTS

October 23, 2019 from 10AM to 3PM

This is for all faculty and staff. More information will be coming soon.