Middle School Notes - Grades 6-8

Dear MS St. Benedict Teachers and Staff,  

Happy Sunday! Thank you for all that you do and surviving Friday the 13th. This week is the week we have all been waiting for Fun Run!!! Let the crazy times get crazier! Please make sure your flags are ready to go for Tuesday - please bring them to the pep rally. We do have school pictures this week so please remind students to be in dress uniforms. We are also continuing our uniform checks this week as well.

A friendly remind for classrooms with an A/C unit, be sure that your classroom door is closed while the A/C is turned on.

I will be continuing my walkthroughs this week and next. You should have already gotten a notification from me from Danielson regarding goals. If you didn’t get a notification please email me. Remember you must acknowledge what I sent you for you to access it. Due to the Green Garage Sale, gym classes will be relocated. Please look out for communication from Coach Genge regarding this. Lastly, Please read the items below and review the upcoming dates. Have a blessed week. If you are interested, please email me. Lastly, Please read the items below and review the upcoming dates. Have a blessed week!


Head of Upper School

St. Benedict Preparatory School continues a century-long tradition of superior education in a vibrant Catholic community. We recognize that each student’s God-given gifts hold unique value, potential, and dignity. Our city block campus offers preschool through grade 8 programs to the parish, the Northside of Chicago, and all those who share our mission. With a focus on critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration, the St. Benedict Parish faculty and staff, in partnership with parents, develop the creators and contributors of tomorrow inspired by faith and informed with a global perspective. We are a welcoming and supportive community with Christ at our center. A commitment to inclusive and rigorous challenge creates a dynamic, innovative, and active learning experience in which the needs of the whole student are met. At St. Benedict Preparatory School, the strengths of each child become an inspiration to others to learn fearlessly, to lead responsibly, and to serve joyfully.


Save the Dates  

  • Week of September 9th - Danielson Walkthroughs

  • Monday, Sept 16th - Roy Petefils Speaker for Middle School Students

  • Tuesday, September 17th - Fun Run Kick Off - Pep Rally’s

  • Tuesday, September 17th - (Chapel Mass: House Leaders) & (Church Mass: Rest of MS: - 6th grade leading mass)

  • Thursday, September 18th - Pre-K - 8th - Picture *Students to wear mass uniform

  • Friday, September 20th - MS RTI @ 7am

  • Saturday, September 21st - Baby and Kid’s Garage Sale (Set up begins on Wednesday prior in GYM)

  • Tuesday, September 24th - All School Severe Weather Drill @9:40am

  • Monday, September 30th - Danielson Goals Due

In this Issue:  

  • Special Schedules for T1

  • Communications Log for Inclusion Students

  • Tuesday PD Schedule

  • Syllabus, Unit Plans & Lesson Plan Templates

  • New Teacher Meetings

  • RTI dates

  • Tuesday Seminar Schedule

  • Danielson Dates & Info

  • Learning Targets & Assessment

  • Interested in Becoming a Eucharistic Minister

  • Teacher Time Friday Mornings

  • Fire Drill Procedure

  • Report Card Descriptors

  • Ethan Li

Special Schedules for T1

  • September 16th, click HERE

  • September 17th, click HERE

  • October 29th, click HERE

  • October 31st, click HERE

  • November 1st, click HERE

  • November 13th & 14th, click HERE

Communications Log with families with service plans

Please make a note reminding all teachers and staff to use the communication log for all interactions with families of students with service plans.

Tuesday Professional Development Schedule - Upcoming work

September 17th - RTI process review; ASPIRE and MAP Score Review and Goal Setting/ STEAM TEAM portfolio planning/ EC Wonderlab Intro

September 24th - CPR training (TBD)

October 1 - Progress Report Work Time

October 4 - Tech Integration and Universal Spaces Overviews (FULL DAY PD)

October 8 - 1st Trimester Conferences Prep

Syllabus, Unit Plans & Lesson Plan Templates


(Please DOWNLOAD a copy of the Syllabus, rename, edit and upload into your Office365 teacher folder. Please make sure your share it with me for review. A few notes, please edit all the items that I have highlighted. Additionally, I will review the reassessment policy on Tuesday with each department so you can hold off on this at the moment. You MUST hold office hours, this is not optional. Lastly, if you would like an example for your subject area, please email me. I will email you individually)

TEMPLATE FOR UNIT PLANS (Please DOWNLOAD a copy, rename and upload into your Office365 teacher folder)

TEMPLATE FOR LESSON PLAN CALENDAR - DAILY CALENDAR (Please DOWNLOAD a copy, rename and upload into your Office365 teacher folder)

New Teacher Meetings

New teacher meetings for Middle School will be held by Mary on Fridays from 7:00 am - 7:30 am in Rm 222. This is mandatory for New Staff!

To Attend: (Victoria Hayes, Ashley Munoz, Stephen Stare, Megan Harte, Agata Noca, Cassidy Luciano, Susan Balmes, Ashley Koerner, Niki Zakos)

  • October 4th 

  • November 8th 

  • December 13th

  • February 21st 

  • March 13th 

  • April 24th 

  • May 15th 

MS RTI dates

Fridays 7:00-7:40 in Rm 327

September 20th 

October 18th 

November 1st

November 22nd

December 6th

January 10th

January 24th

February 14th

February 28th

March 27th

April 17th

May 8th

End May 22nd

Tuesday Seminar Schedule

  • October 1st - Agora

  • October 8th - Prayer Buddies : Rosary (9:22 - 10 am)

  • October 15th - House

  • October 22nd - Agora

  • October 29th - Prayer Buddies : All Saints (8:30 - 9:15 am)

  • November 5th - Agora

  • November 12th - Agora

  • November 19th - House

  • November 26th - Prayer Buddies : Thanksgiving (8:30 - 9:15 am)

  • December 3rd - Agora

  • December 10th - Agora

  • December 17th - House

  • January 7th - House

  • January 14th - Agora

  • January 21st - Agora

  • January 28th - Prayer Buddies : Catholic Schools Week (8:30 - 9:15 am)

  • January 28th *Special Schedule (Floor Hockey Tournament)- House

  • February 4th - Agora

  • February 11th - Agora

  • February 18th - House

  • February 25th - Prayer Buddies : Lent *Mardi Gras (8:30 - 9:15 am)

  • March 3rd - Agora

  • March 24th - House

  • April 7th - Agora

  • April 14th - House

  • April 21st - Agora

  • May 5th - Prayer Buddies : Mary *End of Year (9:22 - 10am)

  • May 19th - House

  • May 26th - House

Danielson Dates & Info

Teacher observation Timeline – Year Two

Mylearningplan.com or Frontline Teacher Evaluation Portal Forms

  • Teacher Goal Sheets – October 1, 2019

  • Timeline for Observations Walkthroughs (5-10 minutes)

    • #1 All teachers by Oct 4

    • #2 All teachers by December 20

    • #3 All teachers by March 27

  • Timeline for Informal Observations (20 minutes) *Includes Post Meeting

    • #1 by November 15

    • #2 by February 21

  • Timeline for Formal Observation (Full Class) *Includes Pre and Post Meeting

    • By May 1st

Walk through Forms

Goal Setting Form

Walk through Form (PDF with electronic spaces)

Informal Observation Forms

Observation Form

Post-Observation Form

Formal Observation Forms

Pre-Observation Form Formal

Formal Observation form (PDF)

Post Observation Form Formal

Summative Conference Form

Teachers Composite Score 

Learning Targets & Assessments

Teachers must list the objectives (I can statements) that are being assessed at the top of quizzes and tests. 

  • Why? 

    • Clearly state what standards are being assessed (helps teacher and student). 

    • Allows IF to know what standards are being assessed. 

    • Provide a good list of study topics for students. 

    • Help as we slowly begin moving towards standards based grading. 

Interested in Becoming a Eucharistic Minister?

We are in need of Eucharistic ministers for our school masses. If you are interested, please email me at mdeletioglu@stbenedict.com so that I can let Father Steve know.

Teacher Time Fridays Mornings

Teachers will not be seeing any students before school for tutoring, reassessments or tutoring Friday Mornings this year.  This does not alter the normal arrival times.  This is only for students that plan to come in "early" to see the teacher.   This time is dedicated to teacher collaboration and innovation. Please avoid scheduling parent meetings on Friday mornings when possible. We want you to have dedicated time for collaboration. Thanks for your support!

Fire Drill Protocol

Some important things to keep in mind: 

Students must be at a voice level 0 and standing still during this time. Teachers are to set the example ALWAYS and direct students to follow.

ALL teachers must raise their hand once you are outside and stop at your safe location.  
You must keep them raised until the Admin team does roll call.  The administration will point to you and you must do the following in this order:

  • State your full name (first then last)

  • Either say "All here" if all your students are present, or "Missing" followed by student's name(s) if someone is missing or "I also have" if you have picked up child that isn't in your class.

This protocol is extremely important because the faster we can account for everyone, the faster we can assure everyone's safety. 

Report Card Rubric Descriptors

Click HERE

Middle School Birthday Treats

This year students will be passing out/ enjoying any birthday treats they bring in homeroom during academic lab. On Tuesdays, this will happen during Portfolio & Progress Planning.

If a Birthday happens to fall on a day we do not have either of these, only then will an exception be made to pass the treats out during lunch.

It is the expectation of families that if a treat is brought in that there are enough for everyone in the student’s homeroom and that the treats are nut free.

We will work with Heather to get a supply of allergy free treats (gluten, soy, etc) for those students in your homeroom who will need them.

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