Archdiocese Protection of Children and Youth

Parents:  Looking for Ways to Help Your Children Use Technology Safely and Wisely? 

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Update on Shorts and Uniform Policy for 2019-20

Warm weather uniform for Grades K-8 for all genders: The length of shorts shall be no more than 2 inches above the knee or 1 inch below the knee. Shorts shall be purchased from Lands End. 

Shorts on out of  uniform/dress down days/spirit days for Grades K-8 all genders: The length of shorts shall be no more than 2 inches above the knee. Tight sport/athletic shorts (think leggings without the legs) are not permitted. 

Addendum to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy Effective October 19, 2017

Under "Unacceptable Uses of the St. Benedict Parish & Preparatory School Network" the following item was added: 

The following are unacceptable uses of the SBPPS network:

  • The school uses a web proxy and content filter both on campus and on the cloud. Any attempt to bypass these services in any fashion is strictly prohibited.

Any student or employee to attempts to bypass the school security services will face disciplinary consequences.