Faculty and Staff

Great Catholic Schools need talented teachers working together as a team to implement the school mission and vision while forming our young people in their faith and early education. St. Benedict Preparatory School seeks committed, quality teachers and staff who understand this principle. SBPS faculty and staff know that collaboration, innovation, creativity and professionalism are the key an exceptional student educational experience. This professional competence, quality, and above all, commitment to the Gospel message makes the SBPS faculty and staff an integral part of the school community.
The faculty and staff are committed to these four principles:

1) Commitment to the student - As Catholic educators, we have a special responsibility to encourage each student to achieve his or her maximum potential. We work to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the thoughtful formulation of worthy goals.

2) Commitment to the parents - As Catholic school educators we believe children are influenced by home, community, and a society in which attitudes toward Christian values are often challenged. Parents, the source from whom children and youth derive their values, entrust their children to the Catholic school to instruct, complement and intensify the education and formation begun in the home. We are called to assist our parents in fulfilling their obligation for the faith formation and education of their child.

3) Commitment to the community - As Catholic school educators, we believe the school community is both an agent of appropriate change and a preserver of basic tradition. We consider the school community an integral part of the parish whose people it serves, and a vital force for preparing future civic and Church leaders.

4) Commitment to the profession -    As Catholic school educators we believe that professional excellence in Catholic schools directly influences our Church, country and world. We strive to create a Christian environment which promotes sound moral and professional judgment. Through our spirit of joy and enthusiasm, we encourage others to collaborate with us to realize the mission and vision of the school.

2019-2020 Faculty & Staff Bios

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