What Is The HSA? 

The Home & School Association (HSA) at St. Benedict Preparatory School is an organization of Parents/Guardians whose mission is to foster closer relationships between parents, school staff and the parish. There are many HSA-sponsored events that take place throughout the school year.  These events will help you to learn more about St. Benedict Preparatory School (SBPS) as well as introduce you to many more SBPS families.  Any questions or suggestions please email hsa@stbenedict.com.

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HSA Board Applications and Nominations

St. Benedict’s Preparatory Home and School Association (HSA) is looking for enthusiastic parents and parishioners, who want to foster closer relationships between parents, school staff, and the parish to nurture a sense of community within our school. 

Over the course of the school year, the HSA leads many key activities such as Bye Bye Breakfast, Fun Run, Christmas Craft Fair, Teacher Appreciation just to name a few. 

We are looking for board members who are willing to share their great ideas, roll up their sleeves to get things done, love to be part of a team, and want to build a sense of community. 

Here is what it means to be a HSA Board Member:

·      3 year commitment 

·      Monthly HSA meetings 

·      Participate in events held at various times (during or after school hours)

We encourage parents and parishioners to please complete the short application form: 

Key Dates:

·      March 29th, 2019: Application forms are due electronically by end of the day

·      April: One-on-One discussions with candidates will be conducted

·      May: New Board Members will attend the May Orientation Workshop

·      June 3rd, 2019: HSA Board meeting on June 3rd at 6:30 pm 

If you have any questions regarding the Application process, please email us at HSA@stbenedict.com.

We hope you consider joining us!

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